Client Testimonials

Hi my name is Paul Moffitt; I recently completed my 12 week fitness challenge.

I recently turned 45 and have always considered myself in fairly good shape, not real overweight, healthy, etc.... That was until early this summer (June 2012), when I was walking around the house without a shirt on and my 6 year old told me that I looked fat. Children do not have a sensitivity filter so I turned and looked in the mirror and realized she was right. I thought to myself what in the world has happened over the last few years, I know the clothes were a size bigger and a little tighter. Did I really let myself go that much? I didn't think so, but it sure was starting to look that way. This wasn't my only sign, a year prior my doctor order a blood work up and instructed me to eat better and get more exercise because my good cholesterol was not so good. So I pulled out the scale and was shocked to see I was now 204 pounds.

I come from a family with some overweight family members, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, I knew I had to make a change not just for me Then I had the opportunity to participate in the 12 week fitness challenge, so prior to starting I started to eat a little better, and begin to do a little exercise.

My starting weight when I officially started my The 12, I was @ 20.17% body fat and was 194.5 pounds. I set a personal goal of 10% body fat and 180lbs. I sat down with Josh Boyd, was given direction on changing food choices, how to use my Polar heart monitor, and what to expect. I was excited to get started, first up a 10 day Detox/cleanse. The first 10 days were tough, cutting out foods, sodas, candy, snacks, I had grown to love so much. Teaching my body it can do without that crap, and just eat better. The Detox/cleanse was over before I knew it, I was eating vegetables I thought I would never eat again. My diet had officially changed and my eye was on the prize, I will get in shape.

Let me introduce the get in shape part, Scott Perry. Scott is what I call the Maestro of Fitness, his ever changing workouts, his constant movement exercises, free weights, bands, pull up bars, balls, mats, etc… I have never worked out like this, he is the best at what he does. I went everyday @ 6am Monday – Friday, no exceptions, no excuses. I felt like my heart was beating on the outside of my chest at times, but I knew this was life changing. I started dropping pounds, losing inches, week after week things were looking good. I went every week to fitness wave to get my body fat %, so that I could track my progress. What can I say it worked…. proper nutrition, proper exercise was equaling unbelievable results.

I stayed true to the diet, never cheating, eating clean, eating all the right foods under the guidance of Josh, working out hard and properly under the guidance of Scott. Final results 5.78% body fat and 172 pounds, an incredible 29 pounds of fat lost, 8 pounds of lean muscle gained, approx 7" smaller around my abs. I can honestly say I even surprised myself, and shattered my own personal goals.

If you want it bad enough, you can do it. I encourage anyone who reads this that truly wants to change their life to sign up for The 12, dig deep into your soul and find your motivation. Hold that motivation close to your heart, and when it gets tough and you want to quit or cheat on the diet look to your motivation and push on. Don't ever quit, you can do it if you want it bad enough.

A BIG Thank You to the 12 Week Fitness Challenge, Scott Perry, and all the friends and family that encouraged me along the way. This has changed my life.

Paul Moffitt

Why I Got Started

Sometimes, when I look at my numerous "before" photos over the years I think that if it wasn't for the tattoos I might not believe it was really me (and you might not believe it either). For me, the number one factor to success is having the proper mindset. I learned many years ago that your thoughts will and do create your reality. I have seen this in both a positive and negative outcome.

I'm competitive by nature, both professionally and personally. The need to be the best at everything I do is what got me started. I didn't want to just be at the gym going through the motions. My goal went from losing weight to being the most in shape and fit person I know. I have always spent a lot of time in the gym, simply never got the desired payoff, as a result, I became on and off with visiting the gym. Seeing me 12 Weeks ago in the worst shape of my life is what really motivated me to change my ENTIRE lifestyle. I felt and looked overweight, not to mention I was doing all the wrong things. Lots of bad food coupled with eating out a lot.

The day my life did a complete turnaround was the day that I decided that I would never settle for anything or anyone that I didn't want, desire or deserve. So, within a blink of an eye, instead of going nowhere slowly, I was determined to live my dreams and change everything about the way I lived my life, that instant.

How I Did It

I started the 12 Week Fitness Challenge; this was my chance to prove to myself that I could completely change my mindset and body in a short amount of time and I decided that I was not merely going to follow through with it, I was going to WIN! That was the beginning of a higher quality of life for me. I began following the suggested nutrition plan to the letter and adhering to the proposed work out regiment, all the while looking to Josh Boyd, Derek Graham and Scott Perry for inspiration and direction.

I was able to go from a Starting Weight of 236.5 Pounds @ 16.48% Body Fat to 216.5 Pounds @ 4.72% Body Fat over the course of 12 Weeks and get in the best shape of my life. The feeling that I have when I look in the mirror is PRICELESS!

Since then, I have been consistent with my workouts, nutrition and proper mindset.

My goals now are to take on competing in Physique Competitions professionally and to be on the cover of a Fitness Magazine. The MOST important of all, to me, is to be able to inspire as many people as I possibly can all over the planet to get themselves motivated enough to have the determination, clarity and focus to reach their own personal goals! (Fitness or otherwise!)

Miles Carrington

Name: Barbara
Age: 58
Starting Body Fat %: 28.98%
Starting Weight: 123.50 Lbs
Final Body Fat%: 15.3% (49% Drop in Body Fat Percent)
Lbs in Body fat lost: 18 Lbs (Yes, I at 58 Years old lost 18 Lbs of FAT and gained 11 lbs of it back with Lean Muscle!)
Lbs in Lean Muscle Gained: 11 Lbs (More muscle, higher metabolism)

Want to turn back the hands of time? Exercise using resistance and body weight training and eat 4-6 meals filled with whole foods each day! The 12 teaches you all the simple ways to accomplish this!

At the age of 47 I was diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. Unfortunate genetics and an "I will exercise and diet tomorrow" mentality got me there. The fear of dying from a heart attack anywhere, anytime finally got me into a gym and take notice of what I was eating (and not eating). I did fine for a while, relying on lots of medications and hope. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on personal trainers. All good people with sound advice, yet even though I thought I knew what to do, I still could not be consistent. Then a friend of mine mentioned a 12 week fitness challenge. Something clicked and I told myself that I could do anything for 12 weeks. And I did.

I found myself in the midst of like-minded people, of all ages. Before joining the 12 Week Fitness Challenge, I thought I was exercising correctly. I was wrong. I thought I was a healthy eater. I was wrong. I thought the books I read were enough. I was wrong. I am now 58 years old and thank the 12 in making me stronger, happier and healthier in mind, body and soul.

The 12 has been my life saver. It is twofold. One part is based on the nutrition aspects of getting healthy and the other part is based on exercise. Both go hand in hand for lasting success.

Midway through the program I wrote to the fitness instructor and honestly told him "I feel alive again". Through his instruction and support, I feel strong and empowered. I have seen changes in by body and felt a strength and confidence that I could never attain in the past. I do need extra instruction on how to do exercises and although it is a group setting, our fitness instructor always takes notice, correcting my form or cheering me on as if he only has his eyes on me. He is amazing, as I know everyone in the class feels the same. Wearing my Pear Heart Training Coach, which was included in the 12, is extra proof of my results! It gives me the instant feedback I need and also the overview of the entire workout that helps me improve the next time I exercise!

The cardio aspect, fat burn, fitness level and calories burned in each workout keep me inspired and proud of myself. Did I mention fun? Sounds crazy, but the hard work IS fun.

The nutrition aspect of the program took me by surprise. I really thought I knew the basics, what to eat, what not to eat, etc.; however, through conversations, e-mails and the 12 community (made up of all the other people taking this 12 Week Fitness Challenge) sharing the 12 page on Facebook (which I just started using when I began this program and was taught how to do it by them) has made me a BELIEVER. I want to eat whole foods and foods which help me to feel my best. Now, for the first time, I understand about how certain foods affect the body. I have learned that exercise alone will not give me the results I want. Following what I have learned about eating healthfully has me feeling more energetic and mentally sharp than I have felt in years. I use to see the same people working out hard at the gym day after day and not lose weight. I now know that the answer is exercise along with a simple to follow and sound nutrition program plan. One part of the 12 that helped me a great deal were that any and all questions I had regarding health, food labels, nutrition, etc. were quickly answered by the 12 team. I never felt alone. In the past, I became so confused each time I read an article about nutrition because they all seem either not to pertain to my needs or so contradictory to something else I had just read about. I am so grateful to benefit from a Team that has done the research, taken all of the best information and tips and concisely and clearly share them.

I now have a solid foundation for working out and eating well. I am in it for life, a good, healthy and enjoyable life.

Barbara Shostak

My name is Donna Syphers, 38 years old, full-time Product Manager, wife with a house full of chores and mother of 2 kids (3 ½ yrs and 11 months).
I really enjoy cooking, every types of food and eating, every types of food with my friends and family.
I mostly love rice, noodles, sweets and bread. And, I LOVE having wine at dinner with my husband. I am not special or different than most women.

While we were dating and after we got married, my husband and I always lived a very “worried free” life style.
We ate and drank whatever we want, whenever we wanted because we have always been skinny people.
We would talk about eating less and working out more but they were mostly conversations.

2 kids later, I am now in my late 30’s and I was at 143 lbs after my 2nd child was born. My eating habits are now even worse, I was use to “pregnancy eating”.
I was very uncomfortable in my clothes and very unhappy. My clothes were always baggy in the front so I could hide my big belly. I’m sure most ladies can relate to this.
With a determination lose weight, I would try to eat well for a week then right back to the same horrible eating habits.

It was when I saw my friend Jeni’s posts on FB about The 12 and Scott Perry I was EVEN MORE determined to lose weight.
I think it was the word “challenge” that got my attention the most.
So desperate for help, I reached out and got more information from Josh Boyd.
I remember very clearly of the 1st time I spoke to Josh on the phone about The 12.
He was full of nutrition knowledge, extremely patience and abundant of enthusiasm.
After 30 minutes conversation with Josh, I knew this was it, this is where I am going to succeed.

The 12 is not just about losing weight, they have taught me a BRAND NEW LIFESTYLE; how to eat real nutritional food and workouts that provide results. There are no magic pills.
My husband and I truly embraced this new lifestyle as it has made us better parents and partners. We have a lot more energy for the kids and much more patience and understanding with other.

What’s most special to me about The 12 is once you are in the challenge, you automatically become part of a The 12 family/community.
People with the same goals (living a healthy lifestyle) and always there to support one another. Always very positive encouragement but will also hold one another accountable.

Josh is an exceptional motivator and Scott Perry is an extreme talent at fitness. With these 2 leading, you are only set up for success.

At the end of my challenge, I loss 17lbs, 14 inches and currently at 14.08% body fat. Still challenging myself daily to working out with Scott Perry and eat clean. The really challenge is keeping this wonderful lifestyle going for the rest of my life. Which I am so very determined to do so for my kids and my grandkids and hope to see my great grandkids too!

Challenge yourself, you will be amazed of what your determination, strong will and body are capable of. You will be in the best shape of your life!

Best regards,
Donna Syphers


Donna Hoang

I have always struggled with my weight ever since I was child. I was never totally obese, but I have always been overweight and just learned to just accept that I would always be that way.


In April 2012, I made a decision to change my daily eating habits and to start exercising.  It’s funny that simple little changes helped me gain so much success, so much that I lost 40 pounds in 4 months.


Then, like many people do, I hit a plateau.  I didn’t know what to change or what I was doing wrong.

I was skinnier but I realized that I had no muscle and I was still considered “Skinny Fat”.

That's when I heard about 12 Week Fitness Challenge and Scott Perry! 


I have multiple gym memberships, tried all the Boot Camps and Crossfits and I never enjoyed any of them and didn’t even last more than a week.  Either it was because there was no specific daily plan or the community wasn’t right for me. 


The first day I met Scott and trained with him I knew he was going to change my life forever.  That was it!  I just needed one class of the Fitness ReDefined series and I signed up right then and there! I have been taking the Fitness ReDefined classes for over 4 months now and I couldn't be happier with my decision!


I am in the best shape of my life, I am the strongest I have EVER been and I look forward to going to the workouts that Scott has designed every day!  If you want a company and trainers who genuinely are interested in bettering your life, don’t waste any more time and get over to the 12 Fitness Center or Join the 12 Week Fitness Challenge online. 


Thanks The 12 and Scott Perry


Eric Torres

Client for life – Because you saved it!

Eric Torres

During my entire life I was never an athletic person. At school no one wanted me in their sport teams for the same reason. In my youth I was very skinny until over a decade ago I started to gain weight. I got to a point where my clothes were not fitting anymore; I was tired all day, every day. I had no energy to be with my family, to go to school, or work. I knew that things needed to change, so on July 8th I embarked on a journey that it turned my life 180 degrees, a journey that gave me a new life: The 12 Week Fitness Challenge (12WFC). During these 12 weeks amazing things happened to my body, my mind, my life. When I started the challenge I had goals to lose weight, to be fit, but also, I had so many doubts of what could I accomplished with it. I tried to lose weight many times before, but every time I tried I failed. This time it was going to be different; although, I didn't know it, then. Why it was going to be different? Because I've found the key for success: The 12.

When I started my journey I had many struggles, but with each struggle I was becoming stronger, healthier, and happier. Not only my body was changing, but also my mood, the perception of things. I’m a father of two wonderful boys, and as parents we try to give the best to our children. We work hard, we try to make them happy, to give them what they need, to guide them, but often we forget that their future is not only in their education but also in their health. The 12 and the Challenge didn’t only change me; it also changed the lives of those around me. It made me realize that I was preparing my kids, and family to fail in their future, that their health was going to be compromised if changes were not made on time. The 12WFC show me, without even noticing it that we become an example to everyone, to live a healthier life for ourselves and those that are dear to us.  At first I thought the making the Challenge will require a lot of sacrifices: getting up early in the morning, spend time to prepare meals so they were carefully balanced, looking away from food that I liked, but it was not good for me. But, soon I realize that it wasn’t really a sacrifice. Is it a sacrifice to want to be better, healthier, fit? I used to find so many excuses to justify myself for not reaching my goals before and I thought that when we love someone or something, we do everything we can to hold on to them or to it, with whatever power we have and we do it because we care, because we want to, but not because it is a sacrifice. I love eating healthier, to get up early in the morning to workout. Also, I've learned love the kitchen. 90% of the results happened in there, in the food that we eat, and that the other 10% happened with the workouts at The 12. So, these are my results:  I lost 32% of my body fat, and about 24 pounds of weight. My body craves for workouts, now. I can do what I never thought possible: Pull Ups.

Although this is what I wanted when I started this journey, something more important happened during those past 12 weeks. I mentioned before that the key for success was The 12, I said it again:  It really is. Although, I reached many of my goals, I found something more important; I found a group of amazing people. At The 12. they invited me to be part of their family. Their support, their friendship, their love, helped me to go through this journey. A journey that didn’t end at week 12, but that it was just beginning. The 12 is not a gym. It’s a place where you feel like you belong, a place that you can call home. For an hour everything gets forgotten in that place, and after that hour you leave so motivated that the other 23 hour are for you to eat well, sleep and get ready to hit it hard the next day. The 12 has brought me health, fitness, passion, love to help others, but specially a great family. The 12 is made from unselfish people that wanted the best for me, the best for each member that step in. I never been a number to them, the value me for what I was, and never judged me. Nothing of what I mentioned before could have been possible without them. I've learned from them that making a life style change was the best decision that I could have ever made; that reaching fitness goals are no longer a dream, but a reality. Everything is reachable with the right mix: Proper nutrition, the right workouts, and the support of a great family. A family like no other.  I could say now that my life has been split in two, before and after The 12.

I thank each one of the members that have given me their support each step of the way, but special thanks to Josh Boyd for your patience and valuable knowledge, Derek Graham for all your advice, Scott Perry for the early smiles and pushing me every day in each workout, Dane Miklaus, for your words, Tricia Buck for your energy and dedication, Stacey Hickman for being an example for all us. I’ll do the Challenge 10 times over just by knowing that all for you are there. I love you all from the bottom of my heart!

Gustavo Gomez

Well as most of you know I have been on a health kick lately. Posting pictures of my food a couple progress pics here and there but there is a story I want to share with you.

Everything started about 3 years ago with a partial tear in my Achilles while playing soccer. Everything stopped in its tracks. No more soccer. No more bike rides. No more gym. About a year later when I was all better I stepped back on the soccer field and on the first run I made I felt a tug in my other calf. Another partial Achilles tear, I was floored. How is this possible? When I finally healed a friend of mine told me to go see his A.R.T. specialist named Dr. Damien Burgess.  Wow! He told me everything wrong and how I can prevent it from happening in the future. After a few months I worked with him. He broke down all my scar tissue and then helped me strengthen and build my legs and calves. Since then I have had no issues. Thanks Damo!!

December 2012. After a few Doctors appointments I was told that I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and I had liver damage that was not repairable.  The doctor recommended that I try and fix what I can naturally before I try medication. So I set a goal eat better and exercise pretty simple I thought. I was working out 2x a day the gym in the morning then Crossfit at night and eating what I thought was healthy.

One night in April after Crossfit I was in the shower and noticed a lump. I ran down stairs to show my GF Stephanie. I called the doctor the next day and made an appointment. After a few doctors’ appointments the doctor told me I had Cancer. What? Cancer? Within a few days I was on the operating table. Luckily the tumor was isolated but it needed to come out now. About a month later I met with my Oncologist. He said I have 2 options. 1. Chemo and radiation  2. Trying to fix this naturally with organic foods, proper nutrition, no bottled water and getting in better shape. But I need to get tested every 4 months to make sure it doesn't come back. Needless to say I went with option 2. I started looking into gyms, nutrition classes and diets. But I was hesitant. I've tried all these things before I needed something different. A friend of mine told me about a place called The 12. She said just check it out the guys who run it are pretty amazing. So I looked it up online. I started reading what their “AFTERBURN” program was about and read up on the staff bios. I was interested but still hesitant as I wasn't healed from surgery.

At the end of June the Doctor told me I was good to go. I’m healed from the surgery and it was ok to start working out, but still had a few limitations. So I called the 12. It seemed new and interesting like nothing I've tried before. A man named josh picked up the phone. He encouraged me to just stop in and check it out. So later that day I stopped in and met with Josh and Derek, they  showed me around and explained to me what the AFTERBURN training was all about. Then I asked about the 12 week challenge. I saw it on the website but wasn't sure what it was. He explained everything to me and it sounded like it was exactly what I needed. But for some reason I was still hesitant and scared . josh offered me a couple of free sessions.  So I took him up on the offer. Wow, I could barely make it through the workout. It took me a week to go back after that but I made it back. I decided to sign up for the 12 week challenge.  I’m 5’6” and tipped the scale at 219 lbs with about 37% body fat.  And on July 8th I started my journey. I learned about proper food intake, macros and learned that all the food I was eating wasn't as healthy as I thought it was. This combined with the AFTERBURN training program I am now 181 lbs and 25% body fat. I say now because even though my 12 week challenge is finished it’s still the beginning of a life long journey.

The picture on the left I was 219 lbs size XL shirt and 38 waist. The middle pics are of me in my old clothes and the picture on the right is me today 181 lbs size Medium shirt and 32 waist. The doctors told me that I no longer have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My liver looks great  and I have been cancer free for 6 months. Thanks you Stephanie for sticking with me through everything. You have stuck by me through a lot in the last 3 years. And thank you to Dane, Josh , Scott, Derek, Stacey and Tricia for pushing me every time I come in and  everything you do for the people at the 12 . And thank you for everyone at the 12 for all the high 5’s and pats on the back. I am proud to say that I'm a part of the family here at the 12. So stop making excuses. The time is now!  Take your first step and come to the 12 and start your journey.

Miguel Rangel